Visual Verification of Good Mail right in the user Inbox.

Overview of Verisend for O365

Verisend Installation Instructions

The link below is needed to Side Load Verisend

Verisend User Guide

The User Guide for the Verisend Side Loaded free version is available here: Verisend User Guide

Verisend Pro

Paid Enterprise Edition

Verisend Pro offers deployment via the MS365 Tenant for better management of either selected users or for all users. It also offers automatic scanning of messages as they arrive, avoiding the need to click "Verify".

Full software support and upgrades are also provided with the paid Pro version.

To read the User Guide for the paid VerisendPro version,
click here: Verisend Pro User Guide

Installation of Verisend in the MS365 tenant

Verisend is registered in the MS365 tenant as an application and then deployed to one user, a group of users or to all users via a manifest.

To register Verisend for your tenant for a 30 day trial, click here:

Verisend 30 day free trial

Want to see a demo first?

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Verisend Know Your Customer in Banking

Designed Specifically for Banks

At Maysoft, we understand the challenges that banks face in maintaining email security and the potential harm caused by phishing scams. Traditional methods, such as training users to recognize suspicious emails, have proven to be insufficient.

Our solution, Verisend, addresses this problem by verifying the sender of an email based on message metadata and cross-referencing it with internal customer data, which banks capture to comply with Know Your Customer protocols. When a match is found, Verisend retrieves and displays key customer information right in the inbox, in real-time. This approach not only reduces the risk of fraud but also increases employee performance by saving them time trying to determine if an email is authentic and from a customer. Additionally, it ensures that legitimate emails are easily recognizable, making it much more difficult for phishing emails to be acted upon.

Read about Verisend KYC in Banking here: Verisend KYC in Banking

Identifying the Good Mail to Protect your Users and Protect your Organization

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