Identify Good Mail 

Maysoft is focused on mail identity and good mail identification 

Times have changed. Hackers are creatively getting past anti-spam and virus filters with targeted attacks. To fight back, we use Verisend technology to identify the good mail from good senders. Verisend technology is simple, easy to use, and displays branded logos to your users letting them know the message originated from a trusted source.

Take the guesswork out of identifying good mail with Maysoft, powered by Verisend.

Right now, most Email Security efforts are focused on stopping the bad mail. This is only looking at 1/2 of the problem. The other half that need to be addressed is to show users the good mail, mail that they can trust, mail that they can act on in performance of their job function. Users can can be 100% sure of the message origin when our Verisend technology identifies a message as good mail. We tell users to "look for the logo". If they do not see the brand logo, it is a fake, 100% of the time.

If you only have a spam filter to protect your users and your organization, you are only doing half the job.

Identify Confirmed Spam And Confirmed Viruses At Your Gateway

Whether you use SpamSentinel or not, most bad messages are stopped at the gateway. No antispam, or antivirus product is 100% accurate

Use Verisend to Confirm The Source of Good Mail Is From A Trusted Source

Tell users to "look for the logo". If they do not see the brand logo, it is a fake, 100% of the time.  Verisend saves you from targeted attacks which can easily get past even the best security gateways.



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